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A cluster of towns and cities on the outskirts of Moscow, east and northeast of the city, form what is known as the Golden Ring of Russia (Zołotoje Kolco Rosii). Each of them has an interesting history and unforgettable monuments.

Along the golden route, we recommend the following cities: Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Yaroslav, Rostov the Great, Pierejasławl Zaleski, Sergiev Posad (formally Zagorsk) Kalyazin, Uglich, Rybinsk, Ivanovo, Chrustalnyj Gus, Alexandrov and Polskij Juriew. 

Sergiev PosadThree cities are of special interest:

Sergiev Posad is the nearest to Moscow (approx. 65 km). Formally known as Zagorsk, it is an important religious centre with the famous monastery of the Trinity-St Sergius. You can join an organised tour or go on your own by bus or train. Trains run every half hour and leave from Yaroslavsky station. The program is available on the website:

VladimirVladimir – founded in 1108, the city is famous for its churches and Golden Gate, symbol of the city. Of particular interest: the Church of Pokrov, the Cathedral of St Dimitri and the Cathedral of the Assumption where you can admire frescoes by the artist Andres Rubliov.

To get there: by train from Kursk Vladimir station.

SuzdalSuzdal - situated east of Vladimir (40 km), it is known as the Pearl of the Golden Ring due to its architectural wealth, which includes the Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral and other churches and monasteries of great interest.

To get there: from Moscow, you can get a bus from Szczełkowski station or a train from Vladimir station. Travel agents run organised trips to the city, which cost around 25 euros.

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